A POWERFUL STATE OF MIND: When you are ready for change, this is an incredibly empowering way to to take charge of your life. The therapist is merely a facilitator who helps you to obtain that relaxed state of mind where the subconscious is open to suggestion. You are always in control , actually in a super focussed and conscious way.  We all know ourselves deep down better than anyone else on earth which makes Client Centred Hypnotherapy very effective in helping you to discover and make use of your unique capabilities..

A NATURAL HUMAN ABILITY: It is a completely natural state that most of us experience on a daily basis- as we wake up or fall asleep, when we read a book or watch a movie or drive in a daydream. And we all know how it feels to be miles away and still snap back to the here and now in a millisecond should  the need arise. This is because our subconscious is always looking out for us and this protective mechanism is automatic.

LETTING GO AND ALLOWING: We are all different and unique so everyone will have a different experience and often every session is experienced in a different way. I believe everyone can experience some degree of hypnosis and as with everything in life some are better at it than others and the more you practise the easier it becomes.   Our brains are certainly powerful and complex and therefore a gold mine of possibilities for those who take the time to explore, relax and let go.

TRANCE STATE IDEAL FOR NEUROPLASTICITY: Hypnosis therapy can be as simple as doing some soul searching  with your eyes closed in a relaxed frame of mind – not at all the same brain state as stage hypnotism which has unfortunately given people the wrong idea of what this amazingly creative state of mind is all about.  And this state of mind is where neuroplasticity is most accessible.  The more we can relax into that state of mind the easier to lay new neural pathways for a different way of being, or change habits and ways of thinking. It all starts with a thought, the thought creates our reality and determines how we feel but how we feel can influence our thought patterns. And this is the key to it all – the more you direct your attention to the thoughts that are desirable, the better you feel and the stronger those thought processes (neural pathways) become. 

When you are ready to explore how this can help you or for more information please contact me.