Hypnosis in the Time of Corona

How to stay calm in the crazy: There is so much out of our control right now plus a generous dose of uncertainty causing much fear and overwhelm. Each of us have a different perspective and circumstance dictating our response and emotions. Which perspectives are you choosing to give attention to? Research has shown that most people will experience very mild symptoms and not even need to see a doctor, but many of us are experiencing unprecedented fear and anxiety, expecting the worst because we are paying way too much attention to the tidal wave of alarming reporting. Listening to corona news all day will leave even the calmest, most together person you know, feeling terrified.

WHAT are your beliefs? Our deep beliefs determine how we feel and behave. Feeling continuously fearful is not good for a healthy immune system. Take a moment to consider where you are focussing your attention right now and how that affects those beliefs that feed your emotional state? Do you notice the hopeful articles like the one about the 102 year old woman who has survived two bouts of TB and has recovered fully from her corona infection? Or are you letting your imagination run wild with catastrophic thoughts of gloom and doom when in fact there is an extremely high probability that even if you are exposed to this virus you will be absolutely fine.

WHEN are you feeding your beliefs? The best time for catching up on news is when your critical conscious mind is wide awake, feeling strong and paying attention. When you choose to listen to the radio, are you listening with a healthy balance of reality and scepticism? Are you maintaining a reasonable perspective and intuitively knowing the difference between sensationalism and good sense? Remember that when you are tired or feeling down, your subconscious is wide open and takes things in without critically assessing the facts. Falling asleep in front of the TV means a thorough brainwashing. On the other hand, when we remind ourselves that our incredible immune systems have had millions of years to prepare for this virus, it makes sense that more than 99% of us will be absolutely fine no matter what.

HOW to keep the balance? While keeping yourself sensibly informed it is also very important to make sure you are feeding your mind with plenty of good stuff too – music, books, movies, chats or whatever particular antidote to stress works for you. Keep moving, eat healthily and spend time in the sun. Do something different every day. One small change can help you create a reality you prefer. Notice things in your environment you seldom notice. The bud before the flower, the sounds of the dawn, the feel of sunlight on your skin. Imagine how nature is benefitting from this extraordinary time. Speak kind and reassuring words to yourself and others.

Yes there is misery and suffering out there which is all the more reason to make the effort to be your best self, spreading good energy and doing whatever you can to make a difference. Watch your thoughts, share the jokes rather than the scaremongering. Get back to living your best life as soon as you possibly can, with appreciation, while you build immunity and community.

Know that humans are resilient and will come out of this better and stronger no matter what happens.

Whether you are working long hours in the thick of this pandemic or struggling in lockdown, feeling anxious, depressed or freaked out by what is happening out there, please contact me for an online relax hypnosis session to help you put things into perspective for a healthier state of mind.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor Frankl